I’ve already had many pages on the internet. This is where I’m keeping the ones I didn’t lose over time:

2012-2016: The blog before this one see it live

Commissioned on January 2012, discharged on July 2016, the blog before this was based on WordPress. It was managed through Ubuntu’s .deb packages on a machine on AWS called banana.

Screenshot of my blog before this oneLeft: My blogs home page at 2016-01-03.
Right: Its main admin dashboard.

Much of WordPress’ power comes from plugins, and installing plugins on that WordPress was a complete pain in the ass due to my incompetency in being a WordPress admin and lack of motivation to better myself at this task. Thus, I’ve only used a few really essential plugins I couldn’t live without, which was Akismet for spam and CodeColorer for syntax highlighting. Posts had to be written in HTML and CodeColorer’s syntax I was never able to remember.

The difficulty in writing new posts wasn’t the only reason why I switch from WordPress. As I’m not confident in my abilities of keeping a WordPress installation healthy, it always bothered me that I wasn’t confident on my machine’s security. Finally, I never wanted to learn how to create a WordPress theme from scratch, so my blog always had that plain look that most WordPress blogs have.

I can’t really blame WordPress for my lack of understanding of its workings. But at the end of the day, I’m not looking forward to having to manage a WordPress installation in the future.

2009-2011/2015: My main web page for a long time see it live

In December 1st, 2009, I went to Google Sites and created what would become my main web page for the next 6 years. Even though I kept it up at right until when I set up this new blog on January 2016, its was last updated on February 2011. In fact, that was the only update ever made to that site since its inception. Yeah.

Screenshot of my main website before this oneLeft: My Haskell course syllabus.
Right: Gyroscope renderings made by yours truly.

The site included a bunch of cool stuff I did back then:

As you can see, I’m quite fond of this website as it brings back many memories from my days as undergrad.

You can still access the original site on its Google Sites URL, which I plan on keeping up as long as Google lets me. You can also use the archived version of my museum by clicking the button above.

2003-2008: My profile page on

I used to be somewhat active on Python’s community in Brazil, and my profile page is still up there.

Its first revision dates back to 2003, while I still used the nickname kernel-panic instead of meteficha. Incidentally, it seems I’ve decided to use meteficha there on February 2006.

Its last revision was made on 200 TODO

2004-?: TODO


Before those

These were not the only websites I put online, but I sadly don’t have any copies of them left.